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About Us 

Happy Blockchain Service Platform

Platform Introduction

  7STAR EXCH Located in Australia's most prosperous and also Australia's financial hub city, Sydney, it is the world's first digital asset exchange for lifetime free transaction fees.7STAR EXCH Officially launched in June 2018 and currently has more than 100 technical and service team members around the world.

  The team consists of a group of experienced professionals from Google, Citibank, Huawei, Tencent and other leading companies, focusing on digital currency, blockchain, information security and innovative application planning. 7STAR EXCH is committed to providing professional and technical solutions such as blockchain, digital currency, smart contracts, and matching systems to provide customers with a safe and reliable trading environment and entertainment experience, and provide perfect trading services for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. With the development of 7STAR EXCH and the increase in the market share, 7STAR EXCH will absorb the talents who are willing to contribute to the blockchain ecology with a more open attitude.



The 7STAR EXCH global station was launched, became the world's first life-long, free-to-use digital asset trading center.


7STAR EXCH platform currency KT is online, currently available for trading currencies up to 14 types, and the number of trading pairs is up to 15.


7STAR EXCH Strongly log in to the world's first screen -- Nasdaq big screen, is an important step for 7STAR EXCH to go international.


7STAR EXCH APP Android version and iOS version have been fully launched, APP downloads exceeded 10,000.


The 7STAR EXCH team launched the Chinese version of Fomo3D on July 26th. This game is a new upgraded version of Fomo3D and 7STAR EXCH.


The official website of 7STAR EXCH has been completely revised. The revised website has greatly improved in many aspects such as matching system, security protection and data presentation.

  At present, the 7STAR EXCH official app is fully launched. In the three minutes of the subway, waiting for the bus, etc., the customer can monitor the market dynamics through the APP at any time. Even in the gymnasium, the APP can be used on the 7KM/H treadmill. Customers experience the smoothest trading experience. You can also find out more by scanning the QR code on the left.

  Trading generates value, so circulation is the biggest recognition of the blockchain. We believe that quality projects can be presented to truly develop an industry. The blockchain is changing the world. 7STAR EXCH can provide greater, newer and better possibilities for excellent blockchain asset trading. In the future, 7STAR EXCH will also transform from business to community, business to ecology.

  7STAR EXCH official public number is officially launched, you can search for the seven-star transaction through WeChat + contact us. More fresh information is available in the seven-star transaction +.